About Us.

Our Mission.

Powering A Better Australian Future.

As Civil Haulage & Mining is a family-owned privately held company our mission has always been to create a seamless and professional experience within all aspects of the mining, civil and road transport industry and recently expanding into the environmental, recycling and waste management industries.

Based on the values of our founder Peter Weaven and the morals that he has instilled within the family, CHM has been able to continue, year by year, to be a highly successful company that has always maintained a high degree of professionalism regardless of the job at hand. The company’s management team have a track record for building successful projects from the ground up, providing CHM with the expertise to secure and build robust projects.

Powering Australia's Future.


Civil Haulage & Mining.

Since 1996, our founder Peter Weaven has been heavily involved in the civil, haulage and mining sectors.

In 2008 Peter started Yeppoon Excavations, a small local earthmoving business that eventually grew into the successful nationwide Civil Haulage & Mining company.


A company that has been built from a few simple goals, safety, speed, sustainability and profitability.

Rich History in Australia.

From humble beginnings in 2008 with one Bobcat and one truck to having multiple divisions nationwide, we have a rich history in powering Australia for the future.


With over 500+ projects successfully completed under our belt, we have the skills to get the job done.


With over 12+ partners and suppliers, we have become a trusted name in all aspects of the civil, haulage & mining sectors and everything in between.